Sun Kiss 45
Jeanneau Sun Kiss 45
Deep Keel (6.5 feet)
Cruised Southern California and West Mexico for three years with family of four and lots of guests. We were pretty much beginners when we started.
Great family medium to long distance cruising boat, fast, stable forgiving. Simple rig and systems. Lots of room and storage. It was easy to overload her because of all the storage.
Construction in general very good, well engineered.
Toe rail/rubstrake combo was a pain, lots of corrosion and pitting.
Ice Box could use more/better insulation
Bonding had problems, through hulls not bonded, copper web bond strap was rotted in many places, especially around packing gland. Shaft log corroded through, probably from poor bonding and electrolysis. Also problem with shaft log and strut bedding and fastening in hull - watch this and replace boats are old enough now that if it hasn't been done it should be.
Goiot mushroom hatch vents are faucets in a seaway, sealed with vinyl fabric and extra large doubled (end for end) hose clamps! Remove when done with rough passage.
Goiot dealer in US in mid-late 90s was a real pain, especially when trying to get parts for windlass.
Despite these problems would have done it all over again with same boat.
Boat sold within four days of returning to San Diego up outside of Baja (Baja Bash - 1000 miles of upwind up current sailing) for 10000 more than we paid (we added lots of gear liferaft, radar, watermaker, SSB)
Larry Freeman, land locked again in Fairbanks, Alaska