I have owned my 1983 Attalia for five years and love the boat. For a 32' boat it has a good deal of room which is well laid-out. In fact most of the new 32' boats by Beneteau, Jeanneau, Catalina, etc. are laid-out in pretty much the same fashion. The Attalia has a roomy half-berth aft and a large V-berth with sliding privacy door. The boat has a center-line drop-leaf table which is very comfortable for up to 6 people.

The nav station is also large and comes with a forward facing seat. The head is aft on the port side with a wash basin and basic WC.  The boat came with a very useable two-burner stove and oven which was converted to propane.  My boat is the center-board version, 3' 6" and 6' 6" with board up/down. This is great for Lake Erie sailing where the water can get shallow.

The boat balances well under virtually all points of sail. I run a 150 Genny, a standard main which is not large, and a cruising spinnaker. The boat is fast on a beam reach and when running down wind but not as fast upwind. The boat has a PHRF rating of 156 which makes it quite competitive if you enjoy racing. The boat is very well constructed and looks almost new when polished up. After a lot of use over 20 years of service none of the hatches or windows leak. The cockpit is not excessively large and more than six is a bit of a crowd.

My boat has a Yanmar 2GM 13 hp engine and a two-blade GORI folding prop. The combination is more than adequate to push the boat at about 4.5 knots into 20-25 headwinds, or 5.5-6 knots in flat seas. The Attalia has a displacement of about 8,000 lbs which is light for a 32' foot. This combined with the well designed GORI prop provides plenty of thrust even in reverse.

Sailing Magazine, October 2002, did an accurate and thorough review of the boat which was quite favorable.  A couple could comfortably cruise on the boat all summer and not feel cramped and two couples could easily cruise for weeks at a time. This is a perfect family boat which easy to sail single-handed if necessary.  

I have chartered the new Jeanneau 32 which is very similar in design to the Attalia. While the new Jeanneau has a larger aft cabin, the older Attalia has many nice features such tight sheeting angles, a convenient bridge deck, and a flat fore deck which makes walking easier when sailing in rough seas. The older Attalia and the new Jeanneau 32 are both excellent boats which will last and provide many years of safe and happy sailing. Enjoy!!
Alan Reichert   "Summer Place"