Euphoria Too - Sun Odyssey 39DS  - 2007

I purchased this 39 Deck Salon (DS) in June 2007 and was than currently sailing a C&C 37+. The boat is harbored within the western shore of Lake Michigan. We looked at Beneteau's, Catalina's and Hunter's all of which did not have the nice level of interior woodwork and trim that we so much enjoyed with the C&C. We were delighted to find the interior teak on the DS very appeasing and the exterior appearance unique and satisfying. The ample ports included in the DS model make the cabin bright and enjoyable with a voluminous salon and appointments. The 39 DS had at least two sailing mag  reviews which indicated it could hold it's own in the performance category which was also critical to quality to me with the C&C being a performance cruiser.
We enjoy entertaining and the salon and cockpit are wonderful for this purpose. You can easily entertain at least 3 couples below and even additional numbers when in the cockpit.  I love the king size aft berth and while this rear berth is side to side rather than fore/aft resulting with the rear occupant to crawl over to enter or exit, it is at most a distracting interlude (if you know what I mean).The berth foam mattress are thin and disappointing. We added a 2 inch memory foam aft and a egg crate foam in the vee berth which has corrected this shortfall. The head/shower is huge and delightful. There is a large storage area accessed via a hatch at the rear of the head which extends port side aft.  We use plastic storage containers to hold excess gear and they are moisture tight and slide easily in and out of this storage area. The only other disappointment below is a step down at the base of the mast pole to enter the forward cabin.  It can be a surprise if not expecting this step and we readily learned to advise guests (and ourselves) that it is there.  We have the custom teak salon table which provides additional storage in the base but you loose the ability of the starboard settee converting to a additional berth.
Outside storage is impressive with a huge anchor locker, large cockpit locker to port and a cavernous port lazzerete. The vessel was equipped with in mast furling mainsail as well as furling fore sail. Being usually a cruising couple we appreciate the safety and convenience of unfurling or furling sails from the cockpit. The mainsail area, primarily roach, is smaller and battens are lacking with the in mast furling which appears to contribute to apparent slows in low wind speeds. However with wind at 10 knots or better this DS is quick, nimble and responsive. If I had a do over I would research a purchase of a standard mast and addition of furling boom instead of furling mast.
The vessel moves smartly under power with speeds of 6.5-7+ knots at recommended and reasonable engine rpms. The duel helms are great when sailing but capture snide remarks (I think it is envy)  when in port. The engine transmission and throttle are limited to the starboard side helm which makes portside docking a challenge.
The vessel was factory equipped with air conditioning (Wesbeco) which did not cool the interior. After numerous calls and attempted repairs/modifications by the dealer, the dealer finally agreed the unit was faulty and replaced the unit.  We had a few other new boat problems which were promptly addressed and corrected by the dealer. As noted, the dealer remained interested in our customer satisfaction and responsive to our complaints.  I am however somewhat surprised that I never had any "new owner" contact or correspondence from the manufacturer.  I know Hunter sends letters and other stuff to new boat purchasers and geez you even get a letter or survey request from Chevrolet or Ford when buying their products which are many thousands less dollars.
In summary, I am delighted with this vessel. We enjoy our time aboard and when sailing.  The DS appearance turns heads at the dock and I am proud to be the owner.   This is a great vessel for two couples and would be a wonderful  vessel to charter, if not owned.

Bob & Tricia Arndt  Wisconsin USA