Video Selection
Brilliant video of Sun Fast 3200 "Aizen" in the Castro to Getxo race in Spain in September 2012
Thanks to the static boomand pulpit camera's the video quality of numerous points of sailing and spi peels are shown - well worth spending 10 minutes watching the whole show
Paul Fenn introduces the Sun Odyssey 41DS
Using a code zero on a Sun Fast 31
Sail handling on a Sun Odyssey 379
Sun Fizz - memories of the 2011 season in Greece
Ian Van Tuyl goes behind the scenes at the Jeanneau  factory
Laura Dekker finishing her solo circumnavigation in Gin Fizz "Guppy"
Amazon - SF3200 chasing a Dufour 45e across the North Sea - 90 miles in 10 hours!
Sun Odyssey 39DS Sanuk 2 in the UK Round the Island Race 2011
MBM puts the new NC9 through her paces
SunFast 3200 flying downwind with just a furled genoa
Ian Van Tuyl looks over the Sun Odyssey 379
SO54DS sailing with dolphins
Jeanneau Pouldu trailer sailor in action
Sail Magazine Video Review of the Jeanneau 53
Annapolis Boatshow preview of the SO379, SO44DS & SO439
SO44DS short clip of her under sail
Italian magazine SoloVela detailed water review of the SO409
New Sun Odyssey 379 sails downunder - twin rudder shoal draft version
Ian Van Tuyl photo collection of the new Sun Odyssey 509
Buzz Stoddard tours the Sun Odyssey 409
Lee Condell reviews the Jeanneau Yacht 57
 Ocean Moon - SO43DS on North Sea delivery trip
Snoopy - Holger Reinhard's Tonic 23 on Lake Constance
Snoopy - Holger Reinhard's Tonic 23 takes a trip to the Bodensee
Single handed operation of the Jeanneau Yacht 57 with Ian Van Tuyl