Owner Websites & Blogs

Model Specific Groups
Alizé  The very first Jeanneau sailboat - Facebook Group
Aquila  The excellent French language website for the Sangria now has growing infomation on the sibling Aquila

Danish language site
Brio Forum  Active French Language Forum
Excellent and detailed -  French language site

French language site

Love Love with forum

O'Day (includes US built Sun Fizz)  IYO'Days  

Excellent French website with everything about Jeanneau's most successful yacht
Sun 2000 Facebook Group
Sun 2500                                
Sun Fast 20  French Language Forum

Owner blogs
Brin de Folie  Pen Azen
Australians Anne and David are voyaging around the European waterways in their Espace 1100 "Austral"
Jeanneau 57  Zanshin
Excellent website with many tips on modifications and other Jeanneau's
JOD 35    Dinah
Barry Hurley's water ballast JOD35 which he impressively campaigned in short and single handed ocean races

JOD 35   Jocker

Lagoon 37  Chispa
Melody  Sybarite

Sun Fast 20   Menthe à l'Eau

Detailed French language site
Sun Fast 32  Amazon
Sun Fast 3200 Amazon
Sun Fast 3200 Fastrak IX

Sun Fast 3200 Fastmania
Sun Fast 36   Arjen    
Sun Fast 36 Pure Passion
Sun Fast 37  Loggerhead - detailed voyage from UK to Thailand
Sun Fizz  Ramos Fizz
Sun Fizz 40   Event Horizon II
Sun Legende 41 The Gannet
Sunlight 30   Witch of Endor
Sun Magic 44   La Belle Lurette
Sun Odyssey 24.1    M'Ryck lots of photos & information
Sun Odyssey 26       Le Barracuda
Sun Odyssey 349   Excellent detailed site and forum
Sun Odyssey 35   Schnaps
Excellent Dutch  website with lots of great images and graphics
Sun Odyssey 36.2   Snap Decision
Sun Odyssey 37  Kerenne
Sun Odyssey 37    Panoramix
Sun Odyssey 37   Celtic Spirit
Well travelled 39i including Med and Atlantic on way to Oz!
Jeanneau 393 (Sun Odyssey 39i) Cour Volant
Sun Odyssey 40  Santosha
Includes numerous hints and tips
Sun Odyssey 42DS   Paradox 111
Cirumnavigation of Australia
Sun Odyssey 42 DS  Scarlet Lady
Norway to Caribbean - Atlantic circuit
Sun Odyssey 42.1    Far Niente
Sun Odyssey 43DS   Alcheringa
Sailing blog of Australians Rob and Karen Oberg as they cruise the Mediterranean and then the world with crewmate, Marc Beerts
Sun Odyssey 43   Another Adventure
Sun Odyssey 43DS Galana River II
- excellent detailed site of long distance cruising (Dutch)
Sun Odyssey 43DS The Four C's
New York to Tortola
Sun Odyssey 43DS Pétillant
Voyages of the sailing vessel Pétillant. Sailing from Baltimore to France

Sun Odyssey 45.1  Little Roundtop
Sun Odyssey45.2   Deep Blue
Sun Odyssey 45.2   Time Warp
Sun Odyssey 45.2  Squander
Sun Odyssey 47   Temptress of Down
Sun Odyssey 47   Calou  
Blog and great video of voyage across Sea of Cortez
Sun Odyssey 49   Windspirits
Excellent website with many great photos and video clips
Sun Odyssey 52.2   Great Escape                
Sun Odyssey 52.2   Paradox
Sun Odyssey 54DS Instrumental
Sun Shine   Beberich  Informative German Charter site with excellent photos
3 month trip around the Great Lakes